Unleash the Full Potential of PeakSmart Air Conditioning

Unleash the Full Potential of PeakSmart Air Conditioning
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At Chilled Heat, we understand the importance of optimizing your energy consumption and staying comfortable in your home. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing you with valuable insights and information about PeakSmart Air Conditioning.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of PeakSmart technology, its benefits, the installation process, and how it can revolutionize the way you manage your energy.

Understanding PeakSmart Air Conditioning

PeakSmart Air Conditioning is a cutting-edge technology designed to help you manage your energy usage efficiently. It is a smart solution that allows you to enjoy a comfortable indoor environment while minimizing your energy bills and contributing to a sustainable future.

The Benefits of PeakSmart Air Conditioning

1. Energy Savings

PeakSmart Air Conditioning is a cost-effective solution that can significantly reduce your energy consumption. By intelligently adjusting your air conditioner’s performance during peak demand periods, it helps you save money on your electricity bills without compromising your comfort.

2. Environmental Impact

Reducing your energy consumption not only benefits your wallet but also the environment. By using PeakSmart technology, you play a vital role in reducing overall energy demand, which in turn lowers greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to a greener planet.

3. Increased Comfort

With PeakSmart, you can maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, even during peak load times. The technology intelligently manages your air conditioner to ensure you stay cool when you need it most, without overtaxing the power grid.

Installing PeakSmart Air Conditioning

1. Professional Assessment

To get started with PeakSmart Air Conditioning, our team of experts will conduct a thorough assessment of your home’s cooling needs. We’ll consider factors like room size, insulation, and your preferences to determine the ideal system for your home.

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2. Installation Process

Once we’ve identified the right PeakSmart system for you, our certified technicians will proceed with the installation. We ensure that the installation process is seamless, efficient, and compliant with all safety regulations.

3. Smart Integration

After installation, we’ll integrate your PeakSmart Air Conditioning system with your home’s smart devices. This allows you to control your cooling system remotely, further enhancing your comfort and convenience.

How PeakSmart Air Conditioning Works

PeakSmart technology operates by receiving signals from your energy provider during peak demand periods. When a peak event is anticipated, your air conditioner will briefly reduce its cooling output, typically for short intervals. This temporary adjustment is barely noticeable and ensures that your home remains comfortable while contributing to grid stability.


PeakSmart Air Conditioning is a revolutionary solution that not only enhances your comfort but also helps you make a positive impact on the environment while saving on energy costs. At Chilled Heat, we are committed to bringing you the latest innovations and ensuring that your energy management experience is seamless and efficient.


If you’re connected to ERGON’s network and you install a new PeakSmart air conditioner or convert an existing air conditioner to PeakSmart, you can apply for cashback of up to $400. Residential customers can claim the cashback for up to five air conditioners, and there is no limit to business customers.

PS: Kindly note that cashback is not available to air conditioners connected to an economy tariff(e.g.: Tariff-33 Economy). The cashback is based on the cooling capacity(measured in kW) of the air conditioner.

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-$200 Cashback: 4kW to less than 10kW cooling capapcity.
-$400 Cashback: 10kW or more cooling capacity.


Most residential and business customers are eligible for a PeakSmart cashback. There are some areas where customers are not able to claim cashback, because we aren’t able to send signals to PeakSmart air conditioner.

Make the smart choice today and embrace PeakSmart Air Conditioning. Join the ranks of environmentally conscious individuals who are enjoying year-round comfort without breaking the bank.

To confirm your eligibility, go to the Eligible PeakSmart areas map – here and check that your premises are located in a shaded area.

Please make sure you review the PeakSmart Terms & Conditions.

Contact us now to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a greener, more comfortable future.

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With Chilled Heat, you’re not just managing your energy; you’re transforming your lifestyle for the better.

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