Frequently Asked Questions

My Air Conditioner/Refrigerator has run out of gas (refrigerant), can you top it up?

The short answer is No. Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems DO NOT run out of gas. It is illegal to ‘top up’ refrigerant before checking for leaks and/or fixing them.
Refrigerant can only be lost through a leak within the system which must be repaired prior to re-gassing as per the Australian Refrigerant Council (ARC) code of practice.
Only ARC-licensed technicians are authorized to do this.

What’s included in an Air Conditioning Service?

Indoor & Outdoor unit included:

  • Clean all the filters, return & supply grills & diffusers
  • Check & flush the drain
  • Spray cleaner in drain tray to ensure bacteria & algae do not grow
  • Check the unit on heating & cooling mode
  • Change the batteries free of charge, where required
  • Clean coils & unit’s panels to remove material deposits
  • Spray Cleaner on coils to protect against environmental factors
  • Check over unit system to ensure correct operation & quote any repairs FREE of charge
  • Excludes the indoor fan barrel not accessible by hand
Do you repair portable refrigerators?

Yes, we recommend bringing your portable refrigerator into our workshop for our technicians to test & repair. This allows us to run the refrigerator for an extended amount of time to find any faults that may arise & to ensure once the repairs are completed that it is operating to full capacity.

Can you repair caravan air conditioning/refrigeration systems?

Yes, we service & repair caravan Air Conditioners & Refrigerators. We can come to site or alternatively you can bring the caravan down to the workshop to be assessed.

Do you install Air Conditioners or just service?

We do both! we can supply & install air conditioning systems as well as service & repair.

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