Air Conditioning


Chilled Heat provide the best possible solutions for all air conditioning requirements & work with a range of reliable suppliers to source quality parts. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge & ability to resolve complex issues & provide an emergency breakdown service for Commercial Clients to ensure business operations are not negatively impacted by failed equipment.

From experience, we know Air Conditioning Service Maintenance is the most effective way to minimise the risk of a breakdown & ensures your units continue to run efficiently. Visit our ‘Service Maintenance‘ page for information on how servicing can benefit your home or business.


Deciding on what type of air conditioning system you need in your home can be difficult. Here at Chilled Heat, we make that decision easier. Our Air Conditioning specialists will always keep your budget in mind & with over 10 years’ experience in the industry, you can be confident in knowing you are receiving the right advice.

We offer a wide range of residential & commercial air conditioning products to suit any application. We have a team of professional installers who provide a high quality standard of work & professional finish on all installations. We supply & install a range of trusted Air Conditioner brands including: Panasonic, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, ActronAir & Haier.

There are four common types of air conditioning systems

1.Wall Mounted Split System Air Conditioners:

A wall mounted split system air conditioner consists of two sections, one indoor unit & one outdoor, connected by refrigerant piping. Hi-Wall Split System Air Conditioners are readily available as reverse cycle (heating & cooling) as well as cooling only. They range in capacity from 2kW to 9.2kW. Generally, 2kW to 5kW air conditioners are suitable for small to medium sized areas i.e bedrooms & office spaces, while 5kW to 9.2kW air conditioners are suitable for large areas i.e dining & lounge rooms etc.


2. Multi-Head Split Systems:

A Multi-Head Split System consists of multiple wall mounted indoor units (2 to 7+) all connected to one outdoor. Indoors can range in capacity meaning it can air condition multiple rooms . These systems are best used when there is limited outdoor space & can keep the exterior of your home/building looking more visually appealing as there is less units surrounding the perimeter. It's also an alternative solution if there is not enough ceiling space to install ducted air conditioning. A combination of indoor unit types can be used where necessary i.e. Wall mount + ceiling cassette + ducted. Using a multi split system means you have control over the air conditioning in each room, saving you money in running costs.


Photo of FlexFit outdoor unit connecting to different types of indoor units

3. Ceiling Cassette units:

A ceiling cassette air conditioning system is installed flush with the ceiling, the indoor unit sits inside the ceiling space leaving only the fascia plate/grill visible. Cassettes tend to be more powerful than wall mounted split systems & provide a more even temperature throughout the room space as it's able to disperse air in up to four different directions. As such, they are best suited for large, open plan spaces especially when there is limited wall space available for split systems.

4. Ducted Air Conditioning Systems:

Ducted air conditioning can be installed in virtually any home, provided that there is sufficient ceiling space. There are two components to the ducted system, with the compressor unit located outside the house and the indoor unit located within the ceiling space. The air is distributed through vents located throughout the house. Ducted systems can be zoned so that different areas of the house can be heated or cooled at different times. For example, the house can be divided into a day zone (living areas) and a night zone (bedrooms). You will need the services of a qualified Air Conditioning technician to ensure you have the right system for your needs, that it is comfortable, economical and efficient as possible.