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Chilled Heat provide the best possible solutions for all air conditioning requirements & work with a range of reliable suppliers to source quality parts. Our technicians have confidence in their ability to resolve any issues that may arise with air conditioning systems & offer a 3 month warranty on all repairs. We provide an emergency breakdown service for our Commercial clients to ensure the operation of their business is not effected by the failure of air conditioning equipment.

From experience, we believe Air Conditioning Service Maintenance is the most effective way to minimising the risk of a breakdown & to ensuring your units are running efficiently. Visit our ‘Preventative Maintenance‘ page for information on how servicing can benefit your home or business.


Deciding on what type of air conditioning you need in your home can be difficult. Here at Chilled Heat, we make that decision easier.Our Air Conditioning specialist will always keep our clients budget in mind & with over 10 years’ experience in the industry, you can be confident in knowing you are receiving the right advice on what type of unit you need, to cool or heat your home efficiently.

We offer a wide range of residential & commercial air conditioning products to suit any application & have a team of professional installers who provide a high quality standard of work & professional finish on all installations. We supply & install a range of trusted Air Conditioner brands including: Mitsubishi, Actron Air & Haier.

Chilled Heat is the Authorised Distributor & Warranty Repair agent for Haier Air Conditioners in the Wide Bay/Fraser Coast Region so you can be assured of continued support post installation. Fisher & Paykel are the exclusive distributors of Haier Air Conditioners in Australia & New Zealand. With a 5 year warranty, energy efficient inverter & quiet indoor unit, we believe they are an equal or better product against the four major brands.

There are three common types of air conditioning systems:
  1. Split Systems, Multi head split systems
  2. Ceiling cassette units
  3. Ducted air conditioning system

1. Split System Air Conditioners:

A split system air conditioners consists of two sections, one indoor unit & one outdoor, connected by refrigerant piping. Hi-Wall Split System Air Conditioners are readily available as reverse cycle (heating & cooling) as well as cooling only and range in power from 2 kW to 8 kW. Generally, 2kW to 5kW air conditioners are suitable for small to medium sized areas, while 5kw to 8kw air conditioners are suitable for larger areas.

Multi-Head Split Systems can air condition multiple rooms (up to seven) using only one large outdoor unit. These systems are best used when there is limited outdoor space or where there is not enough ceiling space to install ducted air conditioning. Using a multi split system means that you have control over the air conditioning in each room, saving you money in running costs.


ceiling cassette








ducted3. Ducted Air Conditioning Systems:

Ducted air conditioning can be installed in virtually any home, provided that there is sufficient ceiling space. There are two components to the ducted system, with the compressor unit located outside the house and the indoor unit located within the ceiling space. The air is distributed through vents located throughout the house. Ducted systems can be zoned so that different areas of the house can be heated or cooled at different times. For example, the house can be divided into a day zone (living areas) and a night zone (bedrooms). You will need the services of a qualified Air Conditioning technician and electrician to ensure that you have the right system for your needs, so that it is as comfortable, economical and efficient as possible.

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