Preventative Maintenance

Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance

Chilled Heat offer two types of Air Conditioning Maintenance Cleans:


  • Early detection of potential issues
  • Extends the lifetime of your unit(s)
  • Removes harmful bacteria or mould from circulating
  • Protects your manufacturers warranty (meets consumer maintenance requirements)
  • Reduces energy consumption, saving money on your power bill!

Refrigeration Preventative Maintenance

Refrigeration breakdowns are very stressful for business owners & can result in the loss of product & in turn loss of money. This is why we stress the importance of servicing refrigeration systems. We offer affordable, customised Preventative Maintenance Agreements for our Commercial clients. As part of our service, we will report any abnormalities to management as soon as possible & provide expert advice on the best possible solutions. We have serviced & maintained refrigeration systems for Butcheries, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Pubs & Corner Stores for over 10 years.

Refrigeration Preventative Maintenance Clean

  • Check the controller & set temperature + product temperature
  • Clean the coils & evaporative heater/tray
  • Check & clear drain
  • Clean covers & surfaces
  • Check fan motor/s & compressor
  • Check refrigerant
  • Check lights, door seals, hinges & hardware
  • Note & report any abnormalities, quote any repairs free of charge.


  • Early detection of the most common issues – fan motors & gas leaks
  • Reduces the risk of an emergency breakdown
  • Reduces stress on the compressor & avoids overheating
  • Ensures your unit(s) maintain the correct temperature
  • Increases the longevity of the unit(s)
  • Reduces energy costs, saving money on your power bill!
Filter from 3 Door Glass Freezer- Filters & Coils were blocked causing the unit to overheat & fail. A preventable issue, detectable during a Refrigeration Service Maintenance.

Commercial & Residential Pool/Spa Heaters!

  • Check & measure gas pressures
  • Leak test
  • Check water pump/s are circulating water around the system
  • Clean condenser coils
  • Check & measure condenser fan motor amps
  • Check & measure compressor amps
  • Check & measure water temps; inlet temp & outlet temp
  • Check controller set point

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