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Preventative Maintenance

We Offer Two Types of Services


  • Indoor & Outdoor unit included
  • Full operation test to check for any faults.
  • Clean all the filters, unit panels, grills & diffusers.
  • Flush & check the drainage.
  • Clean the coils & spray to protect against environmental factors.
  • Spray cleaner in the indoor drain tray to prevent algae & bacteria growing.
  • Change remote batteries free of charge, where required.
  • Quote any repairs FREE of charge.
  • Excludes the indoor fan barrel not accessible by hand.

→ Seniors & Carers Discount available: Click here for more info
→ 10 - 25% Discount during our winter period (April to July)
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All the above indoor & outdoor components are checked & cleaned with a high-powered water blaster. Cleaning agent is used with the blaster to pressure clean the AC. The foaming cleaner is sprayed over the entire indoor coil to dislodge any dirt or mould build up stuck in the fins. A catchment bag is fitted to the AC so no mess is left behind!

Why choose a Premium Pressure Clean?

  • The fan barrel is INCLUDED in the service.
  • A high-powered water blaster provides a more efficient & thorough clean.
  • Unpleasant smell coming from the unit.
  • Mould found in the indoor unit – mould on the fan barrel.

→ Seniors & Carers Discount available: Click here for more info
→ 10 - 25% Discount during our winter period (April to July)
Own or manage a Rental Property? We offer a discounted price to Real Estate Agencies & Property Managers



From Ducted Systems and Ceiling Cassettes to Hi-Walls and Multi-Heads, you name it we can repair it.
Our experienced technicians have the knowledge and ability to swiftly resolve complex issues so you can enjoy the comforts of home with a running air conditioning system. We work with a range of local suppliers to source quality parts and offer a 3 month warranty on all repairs.


Deciding on what type of air conditioning system you need in your home can be difficult. Here at Chilled Heat, we make that decision easier. We offer a FREE in home consultation to discuss your air conditioning requirements and offer the best possible solutions, keeping in mind your budget. With over 30 years experience in the industry,  you can feel confident knowing you are receiving the right advice. Our team of installers provide quality workmanship with a professional finish on all installations and go the extra mile to ensure your home is left clean and tidy. We supply & install a range of trusted Air Conditioning brands such as Haier, Hitachi, Panasonic & Fujitsu and can also install any new system you supply.

There are four common types of air conditioning systems

1. Hi-Wall Split System Air Conditioners:

A Hi-Wall Split System Air Conditioner consists of two sections; one indoor unit and one outdoor unit. Ranging in capacity from 2.0kW to 9.5kW, the most commonly installed systems are reverse cycle (heating and cooling) however, the option for cooling only is available with the smaller systems. Generally speaking a 2.0kW to 3.5kW Hi-Wall is suitable for small to medium sized areas i.e Bedrooms and Offices, while a 5kW to 9.2kW Hi-Wall is more suitable for larger areas i.e Kitchens and Lounge Rooms.


2. Ceiling Cassettes:

A Ceiling Cassette also consists of one indoor unit connected to one outdoor unit. The difference is the indoor unit is installed inside the ceiling space, leaving only the grill or fascia plate visible. Ranging in capacity from a compact 5.0kW to a large 14.0kW+, Cassettes are best suited in large, open plan living areas. They are able to disperse air in up to four different directions, providing a more even temperature at a faster rate.

3. Multi-Head Split Systems:

A Multi-Head Split System consists of multiple indoor units all connected to one outdoor unit. A combination of indoor units ranging in capacity and type (such as Hi-Walls and Ceiling Cassettes) can be used to air condition multiple rooms. This type of system can be used when there is limited outdoor space and is also an alternative solution to Ducted Air Conditioning when there is a lack of ceiling space.


4. Ducted Air Conditioning:

Ducted Air Conditioning can be installed in virtually any home, provided there is sufficient ceiling space. There are two components to the system, one indoor unit located within the ceiling space connected to one outdoor unit. The air is distributed through vents located throughout the house, which we call zones. Ducted systems can be zoned so different areas of the house can have heating or cooling at different times. For example, a house can be divided into a day zone (living areas) and a night zone (bedrooms). You will need the services of a qualified Air Conditioning technician to ensure you have the right system for your needs, that it is comfortable, economical and as efficient as possible.

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